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Name: Bailey
Breed: English Bulldog
Sex: Male
Age: 9 Weeks
Shipping: Yes
AKC: Yes
Bloodline: International Certified 4/14
Shots: Vanguard Plus 5CV/L

  • Personality: Graceful and charming
  • Height: 31-36 cm (12-14 in)
  • Weight: 22-25 kg (48-55 lbs)
  • Life Expectancy: 8 – 10 years

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With his short face and wrinkly body, your Bulldog puppy is a far cry from his fierce ancestors. The modern Bulldog is beloved for his even-tempered gentleness, and your pup will grow up to be a mellow companion and your kids’ best friend. Instantly recognizable by his wrinkled brow, hanging jowls and rolling gait, the Bulldog has the physique of a muscled, thick-set tough guy combined with a lovable and mellow personality. Cutie English Bulldog Puppies


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